Bonaire Government reacquires Plantage Fontein

Kralendijk – The public entity Bonaire (OLB) is repurchasing Plantage Fontein with funding provided by both the OLB and the Dutch government. 

The preservation and restoration of natural and cultural values are of great importance to Bonaire, and the acquisition of Plantage Fontein represents a significant step in this direction. 

On Wednesday, October 4th, Minister for Nature and Nitrogen, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, along with Commissioners Hennyson Thielman, James Kroon, and Jolinda Craane, will elaborate on the purpose of the acquisition during a press conference. 


Plantage Fontein has played a crucial historical role in recreation, agriculture, and livestock water supply on the island, making its purchase a milestone similar to the acquisition of Klein Bonaire, with a focus on preserving Bonaire’s nature and culture.

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