Dominican carriers can continue to fly to St. Maarten until August 31

PHILIPSBURG – Minister Omar Ottley of Sint Maarten has intervened in an impending aviation conflict between St. Maarten and the Dominican Republic.

Yesterday, the Sint Maarten aviation authority announced that carriers from the Dominican Republic would no longer land on Sint Maarten after August the 5th. The measure was taken after the Dominican Republic rejected a permit from Sint Maarten-based Winair to land in Santo Domingo.

Ottley finds the denial of entry from Dominican airlines too abrupt. He points out that many residents of Sint Maarten travel to the Dominican Republic for medical purposes. “We need to prevent these people from getting trapped,” Ottley said.

The minister now wants to meet with the parties to the conflict to see how a solution can be found, so that flights between the two islands remain possible. “We have to defend the interests of our own airline, but there are other interests that need to be looked at as well,” Ottley concluded.

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