Post your vacancy on BES Reporter

BES Reporter is your website to promote a vacancy. BES Reporter therefore offers clear services to place your vacancy and give it optimal exposure. In addition to BES Reporter, you can also have us post the vacancy on:,, or (Papiamentu). Read more about our services below.

Posting a vacancy on BES Reporter

  • Placement incl. your logo on our news site
  • Placement on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Placement remains online and visible on the website for 30 days

$ 125

Posting a vacancy between the news

PLEASE NOTE: you choose this package as an extra service on top of the above package. So in addition to the vacancy being placed under the ‘Jobs’ section, it is also placed between the news items for extra exposure.

$ 140 (+ $125 for the regular placement)

Job posting and one repost (within 2 months)

A job posting plus a repost on another date (often on the weekend for extra exposure) on the same website. As a result, your vacancy will be brought to the attention twice in a short time.

$ 165

Posting the vacancy on the other websites

  • Placement incl. logo on our news site
  • Placement on Social Media (Facebook and instagram)
  • Placement remains online and visible for 30 days (Papiamentu)

$125 (per website)

Single repost of a vacancy (within 2 months after posting the initial vacancy)
You have had your vacancy posted by us, but you have not yet found your new employee. What we offer you is to once again put your vacancy in the spotlight on our website, your vacancy will again be brought to the attention. This only applies if the vacancy is reposted within 2 months of the first placement. If it is outside the 2 months then you will pay the standard rate of one placement $125.


Post a job
Do you want to post your vacancy? Then, please send your vacancy text in a Word document and your logo in high resolution to, att. Mrs. Melanie Zandwijk.

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