Collectivité of Saint Martin takes over Air Antilles

MARIGOT, SAINT MARTIN- The Commercial Court of Pointe-à-Pitre has officially approved the proposal to acquire the assets of Air Antilles by the consortium consisting of the Overseas Territorial Collectivité of Saint-Martin and EDEIS. 

The decision comes after the CAIRE group, the parent company of Air Antilles and Air Guyane, went into judicial liquidation, resulting in five acquisition offers. The Court considered factors such as the group’s credibility, expertise, and seriousness in making its decision in Favor of the COM Saint-Martin group and EDEIS, operating through the local SEM New Air Antilles. The new Company will be 60% owned by the Collectivité and 4% bij EDEIS. 

The project has two primary objectives: sustaining Air Antilles’ operations and promoting improved connectivity for the region’s inhabitants. The consortium’s offer includes taking on 120 employees, immediate resumption of four aircraft with plans to add a fifth, and focusing on essential routes in the French West Indies, departing from Pointe-à-Pitre to Fort-de-France, Saint-Martin Grand-Case, and Saint-Barthélemy. 

Regional Mobility

The COM of Saint-Martin and EDEIS, which already manages overseas airports in Saint-Martin and Mayotte, are strengthening their role in enhancing regional mobility for the benefit of the Antilles’ populations. 

Louis Mussington, President of the COM de Saint-Martin, expressed his commitment to innovative public policies that support territorial development, territorial continuity, and regional cooperation. Jean-Luc Schnoebelen, President of EDEIS, emphasizes the importance of providing accessible and suitable transportation options to West Indians for territorial development and connectivity.

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