1 Union pa Pueblo will run in elections Bonaire again

The people behind 1 Union pa Pueblo. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The party led by Aljano Emerenciana, 1 Union pa Pueblo (A unity for the people, ed.) will once again compete for island council seats in the 2023 elections on Bonaire. The party also participated in previous elections, but was nowhere near the electoral quota.

Still, according to Emerenciana, there is a lot to fight for. “I want to fight for the common man and woman of Bonaire and not for others. There is a lot to stand up for, because there is a lot which simply isn’t right on our island,” says Emerenciana.

For example, Emerenciana is concerned about the fact that homes in the so-called social housing sector are still expensive. “Such a house should cost a maximum of 300 dollars in rent per month, but at the Fundashon Cas Boneriano there is none available for under 700 dollars per month”.

Other spearheads are better drainage to accomodate for heavy rain, and cheaper costs for electricity, for example.


According to Emerenciana, he does not necessarily have to sit on the Executive Council to put pressure on local politics. “We can also put pressure on the Executive Council from the opposition to do things differently,” says the politician.

Emerenciana also says that he is not the person to make promises that he knows in advance that he cannot keep. “Unlike many others on this island”, Emerenciana concludes with a fiery note. 

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