11 new firefighters for the Caribbean Netherlands 

On Monday July 30th, 2018 the Fire Department of the Caribbean Netherlands (BKCN) completed the training ‘ELO Manschap A’ with it’s final practical exam covering Technical Assistance / Incidental Control of Hazardous Substances (THV / IBGS). All 11 participants completed the aforementioned exam with a positive result.

In January 2018, BKCN started the ‘ELO Manschap A’ training. This is the first time the Department has provided training in the Electronic Learning Environment (ELO). This was new for both the participants and the organization. Instructors and examiners have been retrained to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

After six intensive months of training, in which the participants have taken a theory test five times, a practical test eight times and two practical exams, BKCN can proudly say that the training program was completed successfully. The department has a total of 11 newly trained firefighters. The distribution of the employees across the islands is as follows: Saba 3, St. Eustatius 1 and Bonaire 7.

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