12.5 Million Euro for Saba’s Harbor and Hydroponic Farming

emergency repairs pier saba
Saba’s Harbor should become bigger and more hurricane resistant.

The Hague/The Bottom- Money from the so-called Regional Envelope on Saba is aimed at making the harbor safer and more hurricane-resistant.

Another project getting funds from the envelop is the cultivation of vegetables in hurricane-resistant greenhouses.

“€ 0.4 million was used in 2018 to purchase land for the hydroponic farm. This ground is currently being prepared for use. The implementation of the larger and safer seaport is in the preparatory phase, the budget of € 12.5 million will be made available in 2019 from the Regional Envelope to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management” writes Minister Carola Schouten in a letter to Dutch Parliament on September 21, 2019.

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