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Offering a brand new fleet of Toyota rental cars and trucks

With the launch of 123 Car Rental, a new car rental company opened its doors on Bonaire. 123 Car Rental is committed to redefining the way visitors experience the island.

What sets 123 Car Rental apart in the competitive landscape of car rental services on Bonaire is its commitment to delivering a truly extraordinary experience for every traveler. 123 Car Rental is the only car rental on island with zero deposit, zero deductible, a 100% flexible cancellation policy and all brand new Toyota vehicles.

Zero Deposit, 100% Coverage: The Ultimate Peace of Mind

123 Car Rental is the exclusive provider of the 100% Coverage Package on Bonaire, ensuring that every customer enjoys a worry-free journey. This innovative package comes with zero deductibles, no security deposits, and covers every conceivable form of damage. For those seeking to explore the island without the specter of unforeseen costs, 123 Car Rental provides an unparalleled solution.

100% Flexible Cancellation Policy

Vacations come with uncertainties, and 123 Car Rental understands that plans can change. To cater to these shifting circumstances, the company offers a flexible cancellation policy, which allows visitors to pay only for the days they rent. If your plans take an unexpected turn, you won’t be penalized. This cancellation policy sets 123 Car Rental apart from its competitors.

Modern, Fuel-Efficient Toyota Vehicles: Cruising in Comfort

The fleet at 123 Car Rental is stocked with the latest Toyota models, renowned for their reliability and fuel efficiency. For travelers eager to explore the pristine landscapes of Bonaire without the burden of high fuel costs, this feature provides peace of mind and budget-friendliness.

Fast, Free Delivery Service: No More Waiting

123 Car Rental ensures that visitors are never kept waiting. With the 100% Coverage Package, the company offers free delivery directly to the customer’s location, eliminating the need to navigate queues or transport logistics. This convenience ensures you can hit the road as soon as you arrive.

Inclusive Extras: More Value for Your Money

With 123 Car Rental, the extras are part of the package. Child seats and additional drivers are included with the 100% Coverage Package. For families or groups traveling together, these thoughtful inclusions enhance the overall experience and provide value without added costs.

The 123 Car Rental Difference

What truly sets 123 Car Rental apart is its dedication to ensuring that travelers have a seamless, memorable, and cost-effective experience. Every aspect of the service, from zero deposit to free delivery, has been designed to make island exploration as easy and enjoyable as possible.

123 Car Rental has officially opened its doors to cater to adventurers from across the globe. Whether your Bonaire journey is filled with underwater dives, windswept kiteboarding, scenic tours, or simply relaxing on serene beaches, 123 Car Rental is your trusted partner.

For more information, reservations, or inquiries, please visit 123 Car Rental Bonaire or contact us at

About 123 Car Rental Bonaire

123 Car Rental Bonaire is your reliable partner in car rentals on the picturesque island of Bonaire. The company prides itself on its 100% Coverage Package, 100% Flexible Cancellation Policy, modern Toyota vehicles, fast and free delivery service, and inclusive extras, all designed to make your island adventure memorable and stress-free. The team at 123 Car Rental is dedicated to redefining your Bonaire experience from the moment you land.

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