Kralendijk – Echo would like to thank you for making the 2020 Roost Count another amazing count! As a result of everyone’s hard work, they were able to count 1228 parrots on January 25th. This would not have been possible if not for the help of all the volunteers.

With their big group of 108 volunteers they have managed to cover 35 sites including 8 in Washington Slagbaai National Park by the Stinapa Rangers and Junior Rangers.. They appreciate all of you who also has stopped by for the breakfast in celebration of the stable population of Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrots on Bonaire!

Echo is happy with the numbers but still planned to do some extra monitoring as part of the post counting checks in the upcoming days, as many of you reported parrots left uncounted around the known areas on the annual roost count morning.

They have received most viewpoint photo’s, if you still have one that can be useful for Echo and future monitoring please send to them.

After all they hope you can provide them with some feedback from this years count- what do you think went well, or didn’t? It will help them improve the Count as they will organise a second one in July of this year. The aim is to monitor the population during the dry season as they aspect their routine to be others. Please mark the July 25th, in your agenda as they would like for you to be part of this post breeding count.

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