24 Residents brought back from Colombia and Curaçao

EZ Air Captain Danielson Antoin yesterday at Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport. EZ Air’s Beechcraft 1900 flew both to Bogotá and Medellin yesterday.

Kralendijk- Yesterday saw the repatriation of 24 residents back to Bonaire. A total of 20 residents was brought back from Colombia, and 4 residents were brought in from Curaçao.

This was communicated by Island Governor Edison Rijna in his bi-weekly press conference.

The 24 returning residents have been placed in central quarantine, just as was the case with the residents who returned to Bonaire from The Netherlands on April 17th.

According to Governor Rijna, various residents are still stranded abroad. The Government is now looking at ways of getting residents back out of the United States, and after that a new group from the Netherlands.

The stranded residents are brought back in groups of maximum 80 people, in order not to overwhelm the local healthcare facilities, should one or more people out of this group test positive for Covid-19.

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