27 Million USD Dutch Aid for Venezoalan Refugee Crisis Aruba and Curaçao

coast guard detains Venezoalans 14092018
An increasing number of Venezuelan refugees is reaching the shores of Curaçao and Bonaire. Photo: Coast Guard.

The Hague -According to the Dutch news site NOS, the Dutch government is allocating around 24 million euros (a bit under 27 million US dollars) to help Curaçao and Aruba deal with the increasing number of refugees.

The two countries had asked the Dutch government for support in dealing with the large numbers of Venezuelans seeking refuge in Curaçao and Aruba, because of the uncertain political situation in their country.

The Dutch government in The Hague had already promised that it would respond to requests for support.

The Spring Memorandum (voorjaarsnota) presented in The Hague yesterday shows that it concerns an amount of 23.8 million euro. This amount is meant as a one-off contribution for this year.

State Secretary Knops will coordinate exactly how the money is spent.

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