4995.95 KG of waste collected by the Nature Foundation St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG- Since the beginning of the In-No-Plastic Project in February 2022 the Nature Foundation and their volunteers collected 3682.45 kg of household waste off beaches and 1317.5 kg of marine plastic litter off the sea floor. 

According to Nature Foundation, that is a total of 4995.95 kg (11,014 lbs.) of garbage that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The organization has also calculated that 65% percent of debris they clean off beaches is plastic on average. The other 35% is a combination of glass, wood, metal, rubber and other materials. For the underwater cleanups, the percentage of plastic pieces is 56.5%. 


“Unfortunately all of these clean-ups aren’t having a long-term impact,” said the Nature Foundation, “The dumped garbage seems to resurface as soon as we remove it, considering the amount we have collected it is unfortunate that each time we return the amount of waste is not decreasing.”

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