Onima Aloe and Punta Blanca farm to receive funding from POP Bonaire

Onima Aloe and Punta Blanku Farms will receive additional funding through POP-BOnaire to realize expansion plans.

Kralendijk- Two local agricultural companies on the island have managed to secure funding from the local agriculture stimulation-fund POP-Bonaire. Both companies have written a business plan with a description of the expansion they would want to realize.

Based on the perusal and subsequent approval of the business plans, POP-Bonaire was able to confirm that funding will be provided to the companies in question. Punta Blanka Farms is the local producer of fresh eggs on the island. The farm needs more fresh water to be able to expand the amount of chickens and thus the production of more eggs. Punta Blanka Farms will now receive funding for the purchase of a reverse-osmosis machine, so that they can produce their own water.

Onima Aloe, a producer of Aloe Vera on the island intends to expand by exporting products to Europe. Thanks to the funding they will receive from POP-Bonaire, Onima Aloe will be able to plant more Aloe Vera plants and thus produce more pure Aloe Vera gel which is the basis for many beauty and health care products.
Other agricultural companies who whish to receive funding from POP-Bonaire can approach the organization by sending an email to: The funding organization will even provide support to companies in question in writing their business plan.

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