9.2 KM covered in Saba Cross Island Walk

A total of 75 participants walked from Cove Bay to the Fort Bay harbor today. Foto: Saba Life Fit.

The Bottom, Saba -A total of 75 participants took part in the Saba Cross Island Walk 2020.

All of the 75 participants completed the walk, which started at Cove Bay and ended in Fort Bay Harbor.

According to Dave Levenstone, one of the initiators of the walk, the walk will from now on be a yearly event. The next Cross Island walk is planned for December 5th, 2020 and should be repeated every year around Saba day celebrations.

“We are actually already busy planning another walk, which will lead from Cove Bay to Wells Bay”, said Levenstone in conversation with the BES-Reporter. According to Levenstone the new walk, which he called a heavy one, will take place on Kings Day.

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