ABVO foresees busy trade year

ABVO foresees busy trade year
It will be the first time that employees of BAS/Swissport, among others responsible for the handling of KLM, will get a Collective Labor Agreement. 

KRALENDIJK- The ABVO union is looking forward to a busy year, according to a press release sent out on Monday.

For example, the union will be negotiating a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) for the employees of Curoil and for the employees of Bonaire Air Services (BAS), which is now part of the global conglomerate Swissport.

The ABVO notes that it is not the first time for Curoil employees that they will receive a collective labor agreement, but it is for BAS/Swissport employees.


In addition to negotiating a new collective labor agreement, the ABVO is also considering plans to do more with its buildings. In addition, the union also wants to negotiate favorable conditions for its members, something that fellow union AFBW is very proud of and also steals some of the members of the ABVO.

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