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Accident on Kaya Korona claims life of young donkey

The internal injuries were severe, leaving the young donkey no chance of survival, as confirmed by the attending veterinarian. Photo: Donkey Sanctuary

KRALENDIJK- An accident on Sunday evening resulted in the death of an approximately 10-month-old donkey foal. The young donkey was hit by a driver around half past three in the morning. 

The alerted veterinarian could do little more than euthanize the severely injured donkey. According to Marina Melis of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, this marks the 13th accident involving a donkey in traffic in the first quarter of 2024. It appears to be another case of hit-and-run involving a motorist and a donkey. 

Despite witnessing dozens of such accidents, Melis still feels enraged with each subsequent collision. “And yet there are still people who argue that the donkeys should roam freely on the island and that there are never any accidents, and that we should stop collecting donkeys,” says Melis, who believes that those responsible for the suffering should be ashamed of themselves. 

Irresponsible driving

Excessive speed, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol, are major contributors to the high number of accidents, with Kaya Korona being particularly notorious. Unfortunately, the irresponsible driving behaviour has also resulted in human casualties.

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