According to poll: Most Statians feel Government handles Covid-crisis well

Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij and deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis have been quite visible during the crisis.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- A majority of residents on St. Eustatius seem satisfied with the way local Government has managed the Covid-19 crisis on the island so far.

On the question ‘What is your opinion on the way the current Government has handled the Corona-crisis so far?’ a total of 61.2% said they felt it was being handled well.

25% of respondents said they felt it was handled not good or bad and 13.4% of respondents said they felt the crisis was handled ‘poorly’ by Government.

They are honest and genuine. Bringing bad news is difficult, but they both do it very well. I feel safe under their authority. And that feeling of security is very important to me personally.Feedback of a resident on how Government is handling the Covid-crisis


Of the 35 comments made on this question, 12 refer to the fact that Government has communicated well. “Information is always good, and they did that, very good thank you”, wrote one respondent. “Daily broadcasts and information meetings and all that needed to be check mark was in place daily and nightly update”, according to another.

Various respondents also referred to the fact that Government has been transparent and that they stayed calm during the crisis. “I like the fact that they did not react too panicky”, writes one respondent.


There are also some spontaneous comments about what Government could have done better. Most critical comments refer to closure of the schools, which according to various respondents, should have come earlier.

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