Acting Director of Aviation and Maritime Affairs holds meetings in St. Eustatius

Gijbers during her visit to St. Eustatius. Photo: OLSE

ORANJESTAD- The Acting director general of aviation and maritime affairs in the ministry of infrastructure and water management (I&W) Brigit Gijsbers has been visiting the island for a series of meetings. 

Among the topics she discussed during talks with Government Commissioner Alida Francis, Island Commissioners Reuben Merkman and Arlene Spanner, and Island Secretary Malvern Dijkshoorn were harbour development, ferry services, airport maintenance, and sustainable aviation.

Gijbers met, among others, with Commissioner Reuben Merkman, Island Secretary Malvern Dijkshoorn, Commercial Manager Transport  Vishal Oedjaghir, Secretary, Kingdom of the Netherlands Maritime Administration Kelly de Jong, Government Commissioner Alida Francis, Coordinator KMA Joris Brouwers and Commissioner Arlene Spanner.

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