Active Cases Bonaire inching further Down

Kralendijk- The total number of actice cases is inching further down. On Saturday there are 137 active cases of Covid-19 on Bonaire.

More important probably is the fact that the Positive Test Ratio is also continuing downwards. Of the 45 tests taken, only 5 were positive. This translates in a positive test ratio of 11%; by far the lowest percentage seen in a long time. This means that the virus is less prevalent, and that fewer infections are taking place. The reduction comes after at least 3 weeks of strict measures. 16 additional people have recovered from Covid-19.


There are a total of 17 hospital admissions due to Covid-19. 10 people were admitted at the hospital on Bonaire, 4 of them with intensive care. 2 people are hospitalized in Aruba and 5 people are hospitalized in Colombia.

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