Adopt a Sea Turtle nest

KRALENDIJK – Adopting a sea turtle nest at Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) supports over 30 years of research and conservation on hawksbill, green and loggerhead turtles.

Your generous donation helps fund STCB’s ongoing research, including the collection and sharing of data with (inter)national institutes and networks to help protect sea turtle populations in the Wider Caribbean Region, and supplies and equipment needed by staff and volunteers when patrolling Bonaire’s nesting beaches.

With the support of their adopters, STCB has increased their capacity since the start of Adopt-A-Nest in 2015. Staff and volunteers patrol Bonaire’s nesting beaches every morning between May and December to confirm new activities, to protect nests and to collect data on hatching success. The organization continuously looks for ways to deal with existing and new threats, such as increasing sand temperatures, high tides and storm surges, and coastal development. 

In the past seven years, 97 companies and families have become adopters. Together, they adopted 225 nests, which produced 25,230 hatchlings that safely made their way to the sea.

You can become an adopter this year! Supporting Bonaire’s widely-loved sea turtles by adopting a nest allows for prominent visibility: through press, word of mouth and social media STCB puts the nest adopters’ name and logo in the spotlight. But that’s not all: the adopters also receive a unique Adopt-A-Nest certificate, and their name and/or logo are displayed on STCB’s Nest-O-Meter, which is located outside of their office at Kaya Korona #53.

The promotion of the adopters not only increases their brand awareness, it also demonstrates their commitment to Bonaire’s community and unique wildlife. Adopt-A-Nest is therefore a great vehicle for companies wishing to do good and to be seen as doing good.

To Adopt-A-Nest you can call (+599) 717 2225 or send an email to Kaj Schut at For more information, please have a look at STCB’s website:

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