Adriana Morales’ murder case to be tried on November 2nd

El tripulante Adriana Morales desaparicio en Bonaire cuando bajó del barco crucera en cual trabajaba.

The suspect in the murder of Adriana Morales will be tried on November 2nd, 2017

Kralendijk- The suspected killer of Adriana Morales, a Mexican cruise ship employees who disappeared while leaving her cruise ship and was found murdered after a few days, will be tried on November 2nd, 2017. The case against the suspect will start on that date at 10 AM in the morning. This was decided during a so called “pro-forma” court session this morning.

The suspect, R.S, was detained on April 30th after the remains of Adriana Morales were found on a ranch to which the suspect had access.

During the course of the investigation it has also turned out that the suspect had child pornography in his possession. Police is still looking into this matter.

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