Advanced Energy Storage System for Bonaire

The energy storage system will enable Bonaire to increase its use of renewable energy.

Kralendijk- ContourGlobal Bonaire commissioned in full cooperation with Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V. (WEB) an advanced energy storage system for Bonaire that will ensure reliability of energy supply and increase the renewable energy generation.

ContourGlobal commissioned an integrated 6 Mega Watt (MW) energy storage project for the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. The hybrid energy project includes both the hardware, consisting of batteries and inverters, as well as GEMS, the energy management software from Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company

The energy storage system will enable Bonaire to increase its use of renewable energy. In order to integrate more renewable energy and its intermittent nature, the energy storage solution will provide the grid stability and reliability required for the island. The energy storage solution will also prevent situations where generation from renewable sources would otherwise have to be curtailed.

Expansion of production capacity

ContourGlobal is going to expand the production capacity having additional 9 MW engines in Karpata commissioned by the end of the year. Both the hybrid energy project and engines have been part of an intensive technical evaluation and procurement process in the last quarter of 2018 with the distribution company WEB Bonaire resulting in agreements as part of the Power Purchase Agreement. The joint ContourGlobal/WEB Bonaire efforts will be continued and in agreement with WEB Bonaire, ContourGlobal is planning to install additional wind and solar generation to achieve 100% renewable energy for certain parts of the day.

ContourGlobal Bonaire is fully owned by ContourGlobal, an international owner and operator of contracted wholesale power generation businesses. It owns and operates approximately 4,830 MW in 103 power plants in 19 countries and three continents. ContourGlobal is listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange (TKR: GLO).

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