Adverse Weather Conditions leads to Dangerous Road situation Saba

A view of the Airport Road on Wednesday. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM –  Adverse Weather Conditions have led to a dangerous situation on various of Saba’s main roads, such as the airport road. 

On Wednesday, a pile of rocks could be seen scattered on the road, presenting potential hazards to commuters in this area. Public Works will be mobilized on Thursday morning to clear the roads. 

Additionally, in anticipation of heavy rainfall throughout the night, similar conditions were expected for Fort Bay Road. 

The Government of Saba advised against non-essential travel on the public roads. In the event of an emergency, 4163737, 911, or 112 can be dialed for immediate assistance. 


The passing weather system also leads to cancellation of Winair’s flights. On Wednesday evening, it was not yet clear when flights to the island would be resumed. 

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