After 13 years of hard work: Bonaire finally achieves an approved Financial Statement

KRALENDIJK – It had been anticipated for some time, but the Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) has finally obtained an auditor’s approval for the Financial Statement for the year 2022.

Whereas the Public Entity last year still had to settle for a qualified opinion, this year the auditor has actually signed off on the financial statements of the Public Entity, stating that they provide a true and fair representation of the local government’s figures.

“The received approval is a wonderful result of the dedication of our employees. Together, they have worked with great energy and commitment in recent months to take another important step towards a sustainable financial administration for Bonaire, in the interest of our residents. A transparent and professional annual report is indeed the foundation for good public governance,” says Commissioner Jolinda Craane.


In the year 2022, nearly USD 2.2 million more funds were received than spent. This is due, among other things, to increased revenue from the new tourist tax, motor vehicle tax, and the collection of overdue guest accommodation and rental car taxes.

The financial statements and annual report will be discussed and approved during an Island Council meeting.

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