After 5 Years of Uninterrupted Service: Bonaire Suffers Black-out

Just a month ago WEB celebrated the fact that no blackout had occured for a period of 5 years. Photo: WEB N.V.

Kralendijk- After 5 years and 1 month of uninterrupted service, Bonaire was reminded this morning what a blackout is all about.

According to a press statement by WEB, a complete blackout occurred today around 08:00 am. According to the Utility Company, their priority was to provide Bonaire with electricity safely and as quick as possible.

During the morning hours it was possible for WEB to gradually restore power connections in a number of neighborhoods on Bonaire. Parts of the island were supplied with power by 09:30 am. At 12.50 pm full power supply for the entire island was restored.


According to WEB, the power failure that caused the blackout, did probably originate on the production side. As a result, all neighborhoods on Bonaire were completely cut off from the electricity supply.

Web and ContourGlobal Bonaire will form a special committee in order to investigate this incident and will inform the general public in due time.
Water and Energy Company Bonaire apologizes for the inconvenience.

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