Aftercare for cancer patients on Bonaire now better organized

Foto directors Bon Bida: Robert Smaal and Marjolein Smaal together with director Cancer Care Center Annemarie Beintema.

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire’s health center Bon Bida has entered into a partnership with Cancer Care Center, a chain of oncological aftercare centers from the Netherlands. The establishment at Bon Bida must structure and improve the oncological aftercare on Bonaire.

Unfortunately, aftercare for cancer patients on the islands is not always available, so they are sent abroad. Upon returning to the islands, they can no longer receive the aftercare they desperately need. Think of edema and physiotherapy, psychosocial support but also nutrition and lifestyle advice. A general practitioner or medical specialist can help if a referral is needed for Bon Bida’s service.

Good life 

Bon Bida has been active since 2007. In Papiamentu “Bon Bida” means: a good life. And that is what the staff of the Center try to achieve for their clients. Specifically for the oncology clients a specialized team provides the best possible and quickest rehabilitation in a safe and familiar treatment environment.


There are more than 10 different specialties present within the health center, including physiotherapy, dietetics, speech therapy, psychological support, occupational therapy, lifestyle coaching and social work. In addition, there is a close collaboration with the oncology department of the local hospital Fundashon Mariadal.   

Special bond

Cancer Care Center director Annemarie Beintema has a special bond with Bonaire. In 2018, she was involved in a project to break the taboo on cancer and thereby improve oncology care. “I am immensely grateful and fortunate to have met Robert Smaal and colleagues at the time, and I am impressed with the expert team they have shaped over the past few years have given shape to.”


Robert Smaal is the director of Bon Bida. He is enthusiastic about the new collaboration as well: “Due to the scale of our island, specialized care is often limited. This means that care providers must be deployable in various ways. We are very happy to be able to collaborate with the professionals of Cancer Care Center.”

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