Agreement signed for construction of new slaughterhouse Bonaire

Agreement signed for construction of new slaughterhouse Bonaire
LVV director Maurice Adreans, commissioner James Kroon, Quirina Marchena of Dimi Construction and director of R&O, Roy Martina. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Monday, the agreement was signed with the contractor for the construction of a new slaughterhouse on Bonaire.

The old slaughterhouse had been in poor condition for some time, but it no longer met the requirements of modern times. According to director of the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Service (LVV), Maurice Adreans, the run-up to the award took longer than intended. “I am happy that we have arrived here and I have to say that this is not least thanks to Commissioner James Kroon, who has fully put his shoulders to the wheel,” said Adreans.

Deputy James Kroon was especially happy with the signing. “It will take about a while before we can have access to the new slaughterhouse, but it is an important development.” According to Kroon, the new slaughterhouse is just the beginning of all the developments that can be expected in this area.


For some time now, together with the government in the Netherlands and the ministries involved, efforts have been made to increase domestic production on the three BES islands. After a hesitant start, production finally gets underway somewhat.

At LVV in particular, work is underway on various projects, including the construction of an irrigation system, the cultivation of animal feed and the pursuit of both meat improvement and a wider range of products, when it comes to goat and sheep meat on the island.

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