Air Belgium temporarily halts flights to Curaçao

The tail of an Air Belgium Airbus A340 seen on the platform of Curaçao international airport. Photo: ABC Online Media/Harald Linkels

Willemstad- Belgian carrier Air Belgium is temporarily halting flights between Belgium and Curaçao. The airline had just initiated the flights a few weeks earlier. The carrier is being impacted by measures of French authorities for the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Due to fast increasing Covid-19 infections on both islands, travel for the purpose of tourism to both islands has been forbidden by the French Government. Air Belgium flies to Curaçao in combination with the island of Martinique. Now that flights to Martinique come to a halt, flights to Curaçao are no longer feasible.

According to the Air Belgium website and booking system, flights will once again start in October 2021. The situation is however still fluid, depending on the development of the number of Covid-19 infections on the French islands.

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