Airplanes from Puerto Rico Allowed into Bonaire

Bonaire is used more often as safe-haven for airplanes out of Puerto Rico. Seen here airplanes from Puerto Rico based carrier Saeborne. Photo: Archive BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- As an exception to the current rules, Bonaire over the coming days will allow airplanes from outside of the ‘air bubble’ to land on the island. This decision has been taken in light of the bad weather system that will be passing over the Windward Islands over coming days.

A press statement issued by the Executive Council said that normally planes from so called medium and high risk countries would not be allowed to land on Bonaire. However, as the flights will be landing with only crew and no passengers on board, an exception is made for the planes in question.

The planes are being allowed into Bonaire to help prevent that they sustain damage during the bad weather. For now a total of 5 planes out of Puerto Rico are expected on the island.


The letter from the Executive Council however also outlines that the crew needs to go into mandatory quarantine, as they will be arriving from a high risk country.

Government points out that ships are also allowed to come to Bonaire to avoid bad weather, but the mandatory quarantine rule would also apply for all aboard these ships.

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