Airspace Bonaire possibly Open from June 15

Kralendijk- Bonaire’s airspace may reopen on June 15th for flights and tourists from The Netherlands. This could be understood from a press conference by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte today.

Rutte announced that as of June 15 Dutch residents could travel again to various European countries and the Dutch Caribbean islands. However, especially Curaçao and Bonaire are yet to decide if they will also allow tourists to enter the island, and under what conditions. For instance, no decision has been taken about the 14-day quarantine measure, which so far remains in effect.

Island Governor Edison Rijna however feels that the news is still welcome. Rijna added that a final decision will be made after consultation with the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) of RIVM, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of The Netherlands.

“The OMT will soon present their report during a four-country consultation. The Public Entity Bonaire has asked the team to provide advice on how to prevent the spread of the corona virus on the island, and whether quarantine is desired”, said Rijna.

Travel in the Kingdom

The recommendations in the report determine when the airspace will reopen. To travel in the Kingdom, hygiene measures must also be observed at the final destination.

The airspace of Bonaire was closed from mid-March, 2020. The measure was taken to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading on the island. Now that the situation is under control, the precautions can be further relaxed.

Rijna also emphasized that so-called hygiene measures are still applicable. “People still need to keep a meter and a half apart, wash their hands, cough in their elbow and avoid touching the mouth, nose, and eyes”, said Rijna.

No decisions have been taken as to flights proceeding from the United States. However, it is said that Delta is looking into starting back with flights to Bonaire in the course of June. This however is not confirmed as of yet.

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