Alcohol use plays a major role in traffic accidents on Bonaire

The KPCN has purchased a breath test device that can show whether alcohol has been consumed. Depending on the result of this test, further research will be carried out by means of an Breathalyzer.

KRALENDIJK – According to information from the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN), it appears that many collisions on the island involve drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Figures from the past two weeks show that alcohol use played a role in 12 cases.

The excessive use of alcohol is a reason for the police to intensify checks on alcohol use in traffic in the coming period.

The KPCN therefore points out once again that the use of alcohol has a negative influence on the ability to react. “The use of alcohol lowers your responsiveness, making you less able to react and endangering both yourself and other road users.”


The KPCN also reiterates the possible consequences of driving under the influence if the driver is arrested. “Do you drive under the influence of alcohol? Then you will receive a fine, a (temporary) suspension of your driving licence, a prison sentence or a combination of these penalties. The penalty depends on the seriousness of the situation. Are you involved in an accident? Then you will be tested for alcohol use faster than with a regular check,” said the spokeswoman for the police on the island.

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