Alzheimer Foundation Bonaire with information session about prevention

Evert Piar of the Alzheimer Foundation, Bonaire with the speaker of the night. Photo: ABC Online media

KRALENDIJK- The board of the Foundation Alzheimer Bonaire continued its annual program last Friday evening at 7:00 PM with an information session held at the Yùf Yѐt Provence at the Avanti Foundation.

The speaker for the evening was neuropsychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist, and EMDR therapist Martha Atienzo from Curaçao.

The theme of the evening was “Never too early, never too late. Reduce the risk now! The diagnostic route and treatment options for dementia”.

The board of the Foundation Alzheimer is focusing its activities this year on the 12 risk factors for dementia. “Since risk reduction for dementia remains the only proven means of preventing dementia, our awareness campaigns this year are focused on the risk factors,” said a spokesperson for the foundation.


The foundation says it looks back on another beautiful and informative evening, with plenty of opportunity for questions from the audience.

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