Amado Vrieswijk on his way to Japan for the Slalom World Championship

Photo of Amado Vrieswijk

KRALENDIJK – From November 10th to 14th, Amado Vrieswijk will be participating in the last Slalom World Cup of the year. In Japan, the ‘windfoiler’ representing Bonaire will attempt to secure the world title.

In Japan, Vrieswijk is the sole surfer representing Bonaire. In the slalom discipline, sailors ride a surfboard that is lifted above the water’s surface using a foil. The one who arrives first in the race earns the most points.

Vrieswijk became the world champion in 2021. His title was taken over by the Polish competitor Maciek Rutkowski in the past season. Vrieswijk is currently in sixth place in this season’s standings, but with a good result in Japan, he can keep the podium in sight. The world title is still within reach, but for that, his direct competitors will need to achieve poor results.

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