Ambilift for disabled passengers almost ready for use at Flamingo Airport

KRALENDIJK- The so-called ambilift, a specialized vehicle for safely and comfortably boarding wheelchair passengers, is almost ready for use. 

That information was provided by airport director Maarten van der Scheer, in response to questions from the press. Last week, there was quite some discussion on social media about an American passenger who described her experience of being hauled out of her arriving plane as “inhumane and humiliating,” adding that she believed the lifting on and off of disabled passengers may violate the American Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Van der Scheer admits that the current situation is far from ideal. “The good news is that the ambilift, is almost ready for use.” According to Van der Scheer, the final details are being worked on. “The ambilift is already on the island, but there are some preparations to be made before it can be put into operation. The paperwork needs to be sorted out, and the handlers who will operate it also need to be trained in its use.”

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