American Airlines and Delta back in Bonaire

American Airlines on the platform at Flamingo Airfield, with Delta taxiing after arrival in Bonaire on Saturday. Photo: ABC Online Media.

Kralendijk- Both American Airlines and Delta Airlines have returned to Bonaire on Saturday, with their first flights after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, mid March 2020.

American Airlines out of Miami and Delta Airlines out of Atlanta on Saturday touched down within 20 minutes of one another, marking the start of a gradual return in US tourism. American executed the flight with an Airbus 319, while Delta used a Boeing 737 aircraft.

The return of the airlines was made possible by some changes in Dutch legislation. a very low Covid infection rate, as well as the setup of a new Covid test-center at Flamingo Airfield. Arriving passengers can take a post-arrival antigen test, with results delivered in under 20 minutes. Once the test is negative, travelers can go about their vacation as normal.


In case of a positive test result, travelers can still proceed to their hotel but have to report to local health authorities for a full PCR test. If this test is positive, the traveler will have to quarantene for at least 5 days. In case the full test is negative, the traveler is allowed to roam the island without any limitation.

It is important to note that in the meantime at least 75% of the adult population on the island has at least received one jab with the Pfizer anti-covid vaccine, making it one of the islands with the highest grade of vaccination. Active cases of Covid-19 on the island stood at 4 on Saturday, one of the lowest numbers seen over the past few months.

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