American Airlines drops Suriname again as destination

An American Airlines Boeing 737 in so-called 'retro livery' at the airport of Curaçao. Photo:

PARAMARMIBO/FORTH WORTH –  American Airlines is already giving up on flights to Suriname. The last flight will be operated at the end of February, 2023.

The carrier started quite optimistically in September 2021, and initially thought it would fly five times a week between Paramaribo and Miami and even daily during the high season. Despite the fact that the flights were operated with a relatively small Airbus 319 with only 128 seats, American was unable to fill the flights sufficiently.

“Due to weak demand, American Airlines has made the difficult decision to discontinue service to Paramaribo, Suriname, effective March 1,” an American Airlines statement said.


For travellers from Suriname, flying to the United States is no longer an easy matter, especially now that the Surinam Airways no longer has a single aircraft of its own. The only flight still going to Miami is operated by a third party, with Georgetown in British Guyana as an intermediate stop. 

At the same time, American Airlines flights were seen as a nail in the SLM’s coffin. Now that the American Carrier has given up, there may be some hope for its ‘own’ carrier, now that few alternatives remain in the market.

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