Amount of Contaminated Sand found on Klein Bonaire ‘worrisome’

Kralendijk – Nature Park Manager STINAPA has recently executed some maintenance on Klein Bonaire.

According to to STINAPA one of the more worrying trends observed is the amount of sand found which was contaminated by charcoal. anticipated.

STINAPA is now brainstorming, among other things, on ideas on how to reduce the amount of charcoal that ends up in the sand. Once the charcoal is mixed in, it is extremely hard to separate it from the white sand.


Nature unit and Marine Park Rangers are also looking for ways to reduce pressure from users at No Name Beach. Both members from the nature unit department and BNMP will be going over with historian Boi Antoin to explore options for historical walking trails that would go passed historical buildings such as the quarantine building, the old limestone ovens, and the “kas di Vito”.

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