Annual Flu Vaccination Campaign 2020 Bonaire

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Kralendijk – The annual flu vaccination campaign started this week on Bonaire.  The campaign is organized by the Public Health Department of the Public Entity Bonaire in collaboration with Bonaire’s general practitioners. The flu shot is available free of charge from your GP for people from the risk groups.

People with a medical condition such as diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease or reduced resistance and older people are more at risk of health when they get flu. Worldwide, there is a shortage of flu vaccines. Bonaire therefore follows the advice of the RIVM to give the people with a health problem and the elderly from 70 years of age the first flu shot. Healthy people aged 60 to 69 can then receive the flu shot if there is still enough stock.

The flu virus can be given to you if someone who has the flu near you coughs, sneezes, talks or shakes your hand. The flu shot only protects you from the flu virus. So you are not protected from other viruses, such as the virus that gives colds or the coronavirus. If you get the flu shot, your body reacts by making repellents against the flu virus. This reduces the risk of flu. You may still get the flu. The flu shot will make you less seriously ill and the risk of complications, such as pneumonia or heart problems, is reduced.

For good protection, it is recommended to get the flu shot every year.

Please note that it takes about two weeks for the flu shot to work. So you can still get flu during these two weeks. It is recommended to get the flu shot before the flu season.

To see if you are eligible for the flu shot, please contact your GP by phone.

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