Applause and indignation after enforcement action by Bonaire Government at Karel’s Pier

A picture of the removal of the unauthorized staircase. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK – On Wednesday, there were both applause and indignation on the island in response to the enforcement action taken by the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) at Karel’s pier. 

The OLB took action after the operator of Karel’s Beach Bar installed a staircase without the necessary permit. “The Supervision and Enforcement Department removed the staircase for the new section of Karel’s Beach Bar this week,” the OLB stated in a social media post. 

According to Public Entity, a construction stop had been imposed on the bar, but construction of the staircase continued nonetheless. “Building on government land without permission is not allowed,” OLB emphasized. 


Owner Karel Visser had previously mentioned in an interview with ABC Online Media that discussions with the OLB regarding the planned staircase had been challenging. While some citizens applaud the enforcement action, others question its consistency, as similar actions have been taken recently in other locations.

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