Appointment and official inauguration of Island Council Members

KRALENDIJK – Today, the elected and appointed Island Council members were officially inaugurated. The central electoral committee of the public entity of Bonaire appointed the Island Council members based on the election results determined during the public session held on March 23.

The following Island Council members were appointed on March 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM:

Mr. C.C.A. Abraham Mr. D.M.D. Crestian Mrs. R.M. Hellburg-Makaai Mrs. S.B. Chirino-Felida Mr. B.R. Dirksz Mr. P.J. Kroon Mr. H.M. Thielman Mr. H.J.P.J.T. Wout Mrs. D.E. Coffie

If a candidate is appointed during the election, it is assessed whether the appointed candidate can be admitted as a member of the Island Council. It is then examined whether the requirements for membership are met. It is also assessed whether any secondary activities are being carried out that are incompatible with membership of the Island Council. In addition, an opinion must be given on the course of the election. This investigation is called the credentials examination.

After completing the credentials examination, the Island Council members took the oath or affirmation.

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