Appointment of New Governors Bonaire and Sint Eustatius taking unusually long 

St. Eustatius has no Island Governor since the Dutch Intervention of 2017, although Government Commissioner Alida Francis fills a comparable role till the appointment of a new Governor is a fact. Photo: BES-Reporter

KRALENDIJK/THE HAGUE – The decision on the appointment of a new governor for Bonaire and Sint Eustatius has been delayed for quite some time. Although names of potential candidates have been circulating for months, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) has so far failed to make a decision or publicly announce it.

The advertisements for both governors were already opened on June 26. Candidates had to submit their applications by July 24. In mid-August, at least the island council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) was consulted about the candidates and preferences for an appointment.

Since then, no announcements have been made about the progress of the procedure. According to well-informed sources, candidates for Sint Eustatius are also still uncertain about the process. This process has now been ongoing for more than six months.

For Bonaire, it is rumored that a decision has been made regarding the preferred candidate by the parties. However, no announcements have been made about that choice or the intended appointment by the BZK.


In response to a question from on Wednesday, asked through the communication department of RCN, BZK was vague about the expected date of the appointment of a new governor. “Once the appointment is finalized, it will be communicated from The Hague,” is the non-committal response.

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