Army unit exercises on Bonaire this week

KRALENDIJK – During the period of 23 up to and including August 30, the 40th. rotation of the Company in the West (CidW), the army unit which is temporarily placed on a rotation basis with the Dutch Naval Forces in the Caribbean region, will be training on Bonaire.

During these exercises different movements take place on the island. This is both on foot and with (army) vehicles. They will be seen in both inhabited and uninhabited areas.

The aim of this training is to get to know the country with its geography and population better. Practicing in a different climate is also one of the reasons to train on Bonaire. Parts of this exercise include reconnaissance exercises (covertly map an area or object or keep it under observation), keeping track of their own skills and cutting down the mangroves for charity purposes.

As usual, the commander of the unit, Major Rian van der Meer, will pay a visit to the Governor’s Office of Bonaire. The CidW is an Army company which is alternated every four months by the next unit. CidW 40 originated from the Operational Support Command Land, one of the four brigades of the Royal Netherlands Army. This company has been strengthened with, among other things, members of the engineering and medical service, which means that there is a diversity of specialism available. The unit is also tasked to provide emergency aid or after a request for assistance by the local government. The unit is brought and collected by the support vessel HNLMS Pelikaan.

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