Arrest on Saba for violation of Opium Act

THE BOTTOM- On Friday, 3rd of December, a 32-year-old man with initials J.J.H. was arrested at the Captain Matthew Levenstone Street on Saba for violation of the Opium Act BES. 

The suspect was involved in a fight where police assistance was required. Because it is suspected that he was armed, he was checked in the context of the Firearms BES but nothing was found. Just before he was checked, an officer had seen him making a swinging motion with his arm. 


After the check, he was ordered to leave the location, an order he did not comply with. An investigation was conducted into his suspicious behaviour where he was seen making the swinging motion.

Here, a bag containing five bags of cocaine-like substance, cash and two mobile phones was found in the undergrowth. The suspect was subsequently arrested.

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