Arthur Sealy calls on Bonaire residents to vote in upcoming elections for Dutch Parliament

Arthur Sealy - Photo Flavio Maestroni

KRALENDIJK – Political commentator Arthur Sealy, known on the island for his often sharp opinions on local politics, urges residents of the island to cast their votes in the upcoming Dutch parliamentary elections. 

“On November 22, we can vote for the Second Chamber, but no party is campaigning for their ally in the Netherlands. Let us be aware that our vote has value for two reasons: to let the Executive Council and the Island Council know which parties in the Netherlands need to negotiate,” Sealy writes on Sunday as part of a broader political commentary. 

Sealy also states that, in his opinion, it is the duty of residents to let the Netherlands know that Bonaire wants to be involved and also wants to have an influence on decisions affecting Bonaire. 


Regarding his own preference, Sealy mentions that, in his view, the Christen Unie party has positively distinguished itself for the islands. “I see that the Christen Uni has taken responsibility for Bonaire and has provided long-awaited social relief for Bonaire. My vote is for the Christen Unie candidate number three, Don Ceder,” says Sealy.

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