Artwork ‘Trippin Tuna’ now on display at Flamingo Airport Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The artwork by artist Fred Ros, titled ‘Trippin Tuna,’ can over the coming weeks be admired in the check-in hall of Flamingo Airport on Bonaire until the end of April. 

“In this rest stop on her journey, she becomes part of the journey of others, the travellers to and from Bonaire. You can take a look both on arrival and departure, or when picking up and dropping off your guests. If you look closely, you can see why The Tuna takes a moment to rest, what secret she carries with her…” says Ros about his artwork.

The Trippin’ Tuna is a steel tuna almost five meters long, hand-forged in the Netherlands. The artist intends for the Trippin’ Tuna to become an icon for Bonaire, the most famous monument underwater.

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