Aruba Airport scales down original expansion plans

ORANJESTAD- Queen Beatrix Airport of Aruba has adjusted the expansion and renovation plan, which were initially calculated at about 250 million US dollars. 

The negative effects of the Covid-crisis did not only affect tourism, but also Government’s budget. The new plan is calculated at a cost of about 140 million US dollars. 

While the new plan will still create a new luggage system at arrival as well as a new and expanded departure hall for American bound passengers, in the newly adapted plans the number of airbridges will no longer be increased. 


According to both tourism Minister Dangui Oduber and Aruba Airport director Joost Meijs, the renovations are important to keep up with developments in tourism on the island. While Aruba was initially hit very hard by Covid-19, it was also one of the first to reopen borders. The recovery in amount of tourists has been nothing short of impressive. 

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