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Aruba and The Netherlands both included in Lonely Planet’s top-10 list for 2020

Eagle Beach, Aruba. Photo: Leoboudv via Wikimedia Commons

Two countries of the Kingdom of The Netherlands have been included in Lonely Planet’s top-10 list of countries to visit in the year 2020.

About Aruba, Lonely Planet writes: “Here international and local artists color the city’s street walls and offer carnival festivities. Aruba plans to implement a ban on all single-use plastics and reef-destroying sunscreens in 2020. With home-sharing accommodation and experiences, Aruba offers palm-fringed and pristine beaches with sustainability at the destination’s heart”.

About The Netherlands, the top 10 list states: “2020 marks 75 years of freedom since the end of WWII and the Netherlands is in celebrations mode. From Amsterdam enjoy the excellent train network to explore the stunning cities. April and May are best to take in King’s Day, Liberation Day and the Eurovision Song Contest. There is a network of over 35,000km of cycling paths to explore attractions beyond the cities, such as Unesco World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea. So much more than just Amsterdam!”

Other countries on the list include Bhutan, Costa Rica, England and New Macedonia, Swaziland, Uruguay, Liberia and Morocco.

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