As of July 1: Bonaire Opens Borders for European travelers

Gezaghebber Rijna on Friday afternoon provided details about the opening of the borders for European Travelers. Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- Island Governor Rijna on Friday afternoon finally provided official green light for the opening of the borders for travelers from a number of ‘low risk’ Europen countries.

The countries in question are The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. In first instance, there will be a limit of 1000 travelers per week allowed into the islands, although no details has been provided of how Government will be able to control this number.


According to Governor Rijna, Bonaire now has sufficient capacity to conduct Covid-tests on the island in case of any new suspected cases. Rijna also stressed that there was sufficient capacity in the healthcare sector to care for eventual positive Covid19 cases.

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