As part of Contingency Plan: Black Tanks for Statia Households

Stuco’s Water Plant in Lower Town. Photo: Government of Statia

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Household in St. Eustatius, in need of extra storage space for water, will be supplied a ‘black tank’.

To ensure water supply, STUCO will distribute up to 50 black tanks to users who are fully dependent on the water company and do not have a cistern.

According to a press release from Government, in connection with the COVID 19 pandemic the need for water availability for personal hygiene makes the matter even more urgent. The tanks for households without cisterns are financed by the Public Entity of St. Eustatius with means from the COVID 19 Emergency package.

Contigency plan

The black tanks are made available as part of the contingency plan drafted by STUCO and the COVID 19 crisis manager Peter Glerum. The Contigency Plan was compiled on request of Government Commissioner Marnix Van Rij.

The Government Commissioner, STUCO and GTI Statia had earlier already agreed that GTI would back up the water supply, should STUCO water production and distribution come to a standstill.

Although at moments the water supply situation has been very critical, over the last few days STUCO has been able to supply water to residents 24 hours per day.

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