Asphalt for the road to Curoil

KRALENDIJK – The Executive council has decided, in consultation with Curoil Bonaire, to asphalt Kaya Aruaco. The road will be asphalted from Kaya Leeuwarden to the entrance of Curoil Bonaire (Phase 1).

In the future, the stretch from the entrance of Curoil Bonaire to Kaya Pueblo will also be asphalted (Phase 2). Kaya Aruaco is currently a poor, unpaved road. By asphalting the road, it will become safer for the transport of hazardous materials and for the residents in the nearby neighborhoods of Nort’i Saliña and Hato.

The road improvement has been established in consultation with Curoil Bonaire, as Curoil Bonaire will contribute to a portion of the costs. Curoil Bonaire is the fuel supplier and provides services to its customers from Kaya Aruaco. Kaya Aruaco connects the neighborhoods of Hato and Nort’i Salinja. During heavy rainfall, the dirt road worsens, creating potholes and craters. Transporting flammable liquids and gases under these conditions can lead to dangerous situations. To prevent this, Curoil proposed to contribute financially and collaborate with the public entity of Bonaire. The schedule and phases will be announced in due course.

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